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  • SES Team Awarded USAMS III Contract
  • SES is awarded the ITW/AA NISSC contract
  • SES is awarded the Department of Energy (DOE) NNEA contract
  • SES is awarded the Ft. Hood Operational Test Command (OTC) contract as a subcontractor to ManTech.
  • SES is awarded the NISSC Integrator contract in Colorado Springs as a subcontractor to OST
  • SES is awarded the SEMS III contract as a subcontractor to Northrop Grumman to provide systems engineering, systems/program management, and sustainment services for the Air Force Weather Agency's enterprise information systems.
  • SES is awarded the Joint Force Development Support Services (JFDSS) contract as a subcontractor to SAIC the Office of the Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness Joint Staff J-7 Directorate, Combatant Commands, the military services, U.S. Government federal agencies, and multinational partners.
  • SES was chosen as a vendor under the State of Minnesota SITE (Seeking IT Expertise) Master contract.
  • SES is awarded a Task Order for the Minnesota Housing and Finance Agency to provide software developers.
  • SES is awarded the Union Pacific Railroad - CMMI Assessment contract to assist UPRR in their first appraisal for CMMI-DEV ML 3
  • SES is awarded the Enterprise Acquisition Gateway for Leading Edge Solutions II (EAGLE II ) contract for IT support services and solutions as a subcontractor to Telos
  • SES is awarded the NETCENTS II NETOPS (AppServ F&O) contract as a subcontractor to Telos
  • SES is awarded the Health Insurance Exchange Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) Services Contract for the New Mexico Health Insurance Alliance
  • SES is awarded the Medicaid Management Information System and Decision Support System Assessment contract for the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration

  • SES begins work on the SHS CMMI Level 3 implementation
  • SES is awarded the MA HIX IV&V contract as subcontractor to BerryDunn
  • SES GSA MOBIS Schedule is extended out to June 2014
  • SES’s TX HHSC IV&V contract is expanded to include services within the Managed Care Organizations and the Medical Transportation Program
  • SES GSA IT Schedule 70 is extended out to May 2017
  • SES is awarded the Oregon NDHH Independent Security Assessment
  • SES is awarded the Kansas Information Technology Services QA/IV&V contract
  • SES is awarded the Indiana IDOA IV&V Master Contract
  • SES is awarded the Alabama IT Services Support Contract

  • SES is reappraised at a CMMI Maturity Level 3

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