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Our featured products include:

CMMI Marketplace

CMMI Marketplace offers a wide variety of CMMI products and services for organizations to be successful! Your CMMI efforts are enhanced through the CMMI Marketplace.

CMMI Marketplace provides:
  • Free CMMI White Papers
  • Free CMMI Presentations
  • Free CMMI Templates
  • Free CMMI Webinars
  • Free CMMI Book Reviews / Comments
CMMI Marketplace Advantages:
  • High Quality Services
  • Accelerated-CMMI approach
  • Complete CMMI Product Suite
  • Highly competitive costing model
  • Broad range of experience
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PMO Bridge

An SES developed and supported tool, PMO Bridge is web based software that provides comprehensive automation of PMO operations resulting in effective PMO implementation. The SES approach allows your PMO to be productive and to provide oversight on Day 1 unlike other tools. Benefits of the PMO Bridge tool include standardized infrastructure of projects, cost savings, enhanced visibility, and consistent enforcement of industry best practices.