Software Engineering Services


Appraisal Services:

SES’s comprehensive, evidence-based appraisals give your organization the information you need to create an ongoing performance improvement and to operate your organization effectively and efficiently to align with your business goals.

We perform CMMI V1.3 SCAMPI A, B and C Appraisals and V2.0 Benchmark, Sustainment, and Evaluation Appraisals.

SES makes appraisals easier for you. We are a CMMI Institute Partner licensed to perform all classes of CMMI Appraisals for CMMI-DEV and CMMI-SVC.

We’ve been there – right where you are. Every one of our consultants has been an analyst, a programmer, or a project manager and knows what it’s like to adopt processes and be appraised. Our approach to appraisals is right enough – not overbearing or perfectionistic.

SES is proud of our vast experience, knowledge, and the real life approach we take to process improvement. As a result, we don’t try to fit you into the CMMI model. We make the CMMI fit into you. Our unique appraisal approach gets rid of the guesswork and provides a detailed, quantitative assessment.

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Our Appraisal offerings include:

  • CMMI V1.3 SCAMPI A, B, and C Appraisals
  • CMMI V2.0 Benchmark, Sustainment, and Evaluation Appraisals
  • CMMI-DEV or CMMI-SVC Appraisals
  • CMMI Mini-Appraisal
  • Process Diagnostics
  • Change Readiness Assessment

Consulting Services:

True Consulting must enhance what you do.

SES vets all the consultants and they are provided stringent orientation as part of SES on-boarding process. Our consultants have years of hands-on technical, process, and project management experience and all have spent time with software, engineering and management consulting firms honing their unique combination of skills. Each of our consultants has been in the trenches and has lived successfully through the challenges you might be experiencing with every day. While we’re proud of our CMMI Institute certifications, where we really add value is our expertise with planning, communications, organizational change, facilitation, coaching/mentoring, and implementing sustainable change.

SES Consulting services offered are:

  • Sponsor and Management Mentoring and Coaching
  • Process architecture and implementation Consulting
  • Appraisal planning and preparations

Training Services:

Looking to attend CMMI training?

Contact us for training related information about: Foundations of Capability, Building DEV Excellence, and Building SVC Excellence Training

Want to learn how to use the CMMI to make software and engineering performance even better?

SES offers CMMI Institute Authorized courses including Foundations of Capability, Building DEV Excellence, and Building SVC Excellence Training.

Additionally, SES offers a host of training, and mentoring that may be customized to meet your specific needs. Our Training offerings include:

  • CMMI Executive Briefing
  • Customized Process Area Training
  • CMMI for Project Managers
  • CMMI for Quality Managers
  • CMMI for Business Analysts
  • CMMI for Testers
  • CMMI for Configuration Managers
  • CMMI for Measurement Programs
  • The Secrets of SCAMPI Appraisals
  • Appraisal Prep Boot Camp


Today’s business environment is dynamic in nature; the organizations that have willingness to adapt to changes are the ones who are successful. It is well known that deploying change in an organization is probably the hardest thing one will ever do. At SES we understand that, and we think we’ve come up with something unique to help you do it quicker, efficiently and effectively with less resistance.

Working with some of our best clients, we have developed a new set of workshop offerings to simplify and accelerate rapid change.

Workshops listed below are offered by SES to introduce attendees with real life material to accelerate and enhance changes in your organization.

  • Smart project management
  • Quality program
  • Metrics program
  • Organizational Change
  • Decision-making
  • Stakeholder management